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Nova Hollandia Entertainment - Jousting


The jingle of harness, the clank of armour, shining knights
on brightly caprisoned chargers. Raised lances, thundering hooves,
then the crash of impact, shattering timber and the cries of the crowd.

The joust is but one of the displays that Nova Hollandia can bring to life.
Take five to wander around our site and see what else we have to offer.

Nova Hollandia, an equestrian display team with a difference.
Providing professional, reliable, and exciting entertainment for your event.
Whether you are holding a charity fundraiser, corporate function, or community
festival, Nova Hollandia will be sure to add a unique and memorable aspect.

To contact Justin Holland
Mobile: 0427 038831 (within Australia) or +61427 038831 (from Overseas)
Post: 9 Paterson Road, Bolwarra. NSW 2320 - Australia

**Nova Hollandia is affiliated with the International Jousting Association,
which has member groups in five countries, and aims to promote jousting
as a equestrian sport in it's own right.

**Nova Hollandia is also affiliated with the International Jousting League.
The League counts over 125 affiliates representing 16 nations
and successfully runs tournaments on 3 continents.

Justin Holland winner of the
International Jousting League Tournament
held at Gniew Castle - August 2010
with Sarah Haye coming 2nd in the Ladies Event